I’m a wife, a mom, and a Savvy Nana. I’m a travel agent. I wear many hats!
Travel and travel planning are my passion. But let me begin by telling you how this came to be!

I took my first “exotic” family vacation when I was in 2nd. Grade. My family and I spent Christmas in Tahiti at the newly opened Intercontinental Tahiti.

By the time I started 4th. Grade I’d been to Melbourne, Tokyo, Manila, and Disneyland! It helped that my father was a hotel executive for an international hotel chain.

You might say I grew up in the travel industry. In 3rd. Grade I hung out at in my father’s office located in one of the hotels. I had my own tab at the hotel’s restaurants and spent afternoons and holidays pestering hotel staff with endless questions.

In my freshman year of high school my father moved to a hotel chain headquartered in Hawaii. The perfect place to learn the ropes of the tourist industry. I worked after school and holidays at a hotel activity desk in Waikiki selling luaus and tours. I learned the industry dressed in a sarong, the company uniform.
As I pursued higher education I interned at the visitors’ bureau then later worked in reservations for local tour companies. Things were much different then, we didn’t have internet and actually spoke with clients in person or over the phone!

I took a break from the industry after getting married and having my 3 children. I helped my husband run his souvenir shop from time to time, but mostly I was a stay at home mom. But that doesn’t mean I stopped traveling, how could I? WANDERLUST was in my blood, and I’d infected my husband with it.

Instead of making reservations for clients I spent much of my time planning vacations for family. My kids started traveling almost at birth, my son was a month old when we flew to Houston to visit family. It’s no wonder my kids were bitten by the travel bug.

And now we travel with the 5 grandkids too. My kids and grandkids are our traveling buddies! They’ve been on multiple cruises, stayed at all-inclusive resorts, and have vacationed in some very cool destinations. Family travel is really lots of fun!

My passion for travel and travel planning is well known within our family, and we’ve a large family. That’s why I’m usually appointed to organize reunions and other events. I’ve planned family cruises to Europe and Asia. I planned my son’s Hawaii wedding and my daughter’s Las Vegas wedding, both included booking travel related activities for friends and family.

So it seemed only natural to take the next step. I started my own travel agency. Why not? I’ve been doing the research, booking travel, and putting together customized group excursions for years.

I’m not a fan of big bus tours, customized tours for small groups and families are my passion. I love planning tours that suit individual interests. That’s what I do best!

My goal is to take the stress out of travel planning by creating customized itineraries so that my clients can enjoy their dream vacation. So whether it’s ballooning over the Loire Valley, Skiing in Dubai, Cooking Classes in Tuscany, or chilling in on the beach, I got you! If you can dream it, I can book it!