Located in sunny San Diego, Belmont Park is one of the top amusement parks in San Diego. This park is suitable for the whole family and there is something for everyone. Belmont Park offers rides for the whole family and is basically something in between for a very exciting adventure.

The most distinctive attraction in the park is the giant Big Dipper roller coaster. The roller coaster was built in 1925 and has been restored over the years. This roller coaster is truly unique because of its fast descents, steep hills and crazy speed!

Belmont Park in San Diego also features the Endless Wave, perfect for surfers. The Flowrider offers hourly rides and even classes for beginners. If waves aren’t your thing, you might find Raceway bumper cars or chaos alluring. Chaos is similar to a Ferris wheel, although it produces random 3D wobbles and rolls. No two rides are the same every time you get in the car!

For arcade lovers, here is a family arcade and gaming lord. This creates the ultimate gaming experience to keep kids, teens and even adults busy for hours.

Other rides in the park include Vertical Plunge, Krazy Kars and the infamous “Plunge”. The Dive is a great attraction, actually the largest indoor heated pool in San Diego. Perfect for swimming, diving and indulging in it, it’s a treat to be immersed in it.

To get that feeling, a Crazy Submarine and trampoline can help. To really test your limits, the rock faces offer a unique challenge. Anyone who wants to try can climb this wall and see if they really have what it takes to get to the top.

Once you get tired of the rides, there are plenty of other entertainment and activities to keep you busy. There’s always something going on at Belmont Park. Since San Diego is such a tourist destination, you can bet the entertainment at Belmont Park is absolutely spectacular.

For kids, Belmont Park offers some unbeatable deals for birthday celebrations or private parties. If you decide to throw a party here, you can pretty much rent out part of the park to yourself. For children, this is truly an unforgettable memory.

Closed Monday-Thursday, Belmont Park is open Friday and Saturday 11am-10pm and Sunday 11am-8pm. While the park is closed for major holidays, you can visit on weekends and enjoy the best entertainment.

To add to the fun, make sure you shop and get some food. San Diego’s Belmont Park offers great dining and shopping, and there are plenty of reasons to visit the park and be amazed — really amazed.

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