Adventures At Sea Yachts has been leading people on unforgettable voyages since 1980. The energetic staff behind the cruise are able to take on any type of charter such as: B. Corporate, Wedding, Private, Surprise, Sailing, Sports, Fishing, Private and many more. With numerous awards, accolades and satisfied customers, Adventures At Sea in Newport Beach enjoy what they do and pay great attention to detail in their cruises.

For the area, Adventures At Sea offers Champagne sailing cruises in Southern California, sailboat charters in Orange County, sailboat charters in Newport Beach and ocean yacht cruises throughout California. Based in Newport Beach, Sea Adventures can help you tour and explore California in a way you never dreamed possible.

Those planning a wedding can greatly benefit from these wonderful charters. There’s nothing more romantic than tying the knot on a luxury yacht with your hair blowing in the wind, breathtaking views of California and beaches everywhere.

For the corporate world, Adventures At Sea offers corporate events. These charters allow you to impress friends and visitors with the California lifestyle your charter reflects. From showing off in front of friends to a bouquet of flowers with your boss, these charters can help you get a huge welcome right away.

As a vacation trip, the charter experience on these cruise ships can help you relax in many ways. Whether traveling around California or across the bay, chartering a boat is great fun. You can enjoy the sea view or just sit back and enjoy your life.

Avid fishermen and anglers love fishing charters because they allow you to fish on a secluded yacht. You can spend quality time in the ocean doing what you love. When the sun goes down and the wind blows in your face, fishing charters are a great way to relax.

Sea Adventures in Newport Beach offers you a choice of many types of charter flights to help you have a great vacation. These charters are a blast for the locals, who can’t seem to get enough. If you’ve never taken a yacht or charter cruise, check in as soon as you arrive in Newport Beach. When you experience it for the first time, you will wonder why you have to wait until now to steer your life!

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