Shore and Day Excursions

“See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream.” ― Ray Bradbury

Shore and Day Excursions are vitals parts of leisure travel. They’re the only way to see the sights. Sure planes, trains, buses, and cruise ships will take you to your destination, they don’t necessarily take you to the sites you’ve come to see. That’s where day tours step in.

Day tours are designed to take you to the places you want to see or to the activities you want to do.
There are escorted tours with tour guides who do a great job of telling you about the places you’ll be visiting and will answer any questions you may have. They make sure you get there and back safely.

Or if you prefer to wander on your own there are buses, car services, and other modes of transportation to take you to popular tourist sites. You can tour the sites on your own or take self guided audio tours.

So whether you’re looking for an escorted tour of Paris or a DIY tour of the Sistine Chapel Savvy Nana Travel will help you find and book the best day tour to fit your interests and budget!